Creating a high-performance environment can be one of the greatest challenges in sport and business. As City Football Group CEO, Ferran Soriano, says: “The leader must find the best use of the abilities of each member of the group and make them available to the team in the service of the desired outcome.” (Goal, 2011)

This course will examine how the principles that are established for performance in elite sport can transcend and deliver real impact within any industry. From sports psychologists, executive team leaders, and athletes themselves, this course will give you the edge on developing talent, forging cultures of excellence, and delivering success.

This course is designed for executives in leadership positions wanting to explore high performance management principles and understand how to apply them to their greatest potential.

Through a curriculum that includes case studies, guest lecturers from City Football Group Executives, and workshops from elite athletes and leadership specialists, you will be able to create an action plan to enable elite team performance within any business.

Themes covered

  • Leading from the front: setting out your values and vision
  • Driving individual performance
  • Good to great: developing winning teams
  • Managing change in uncertain times
  • Building individual and team resilience


  • Explore different leadership styles, tools, and techniques to maximise team performance.
  • Leverage your personal style and strengths as a team leader.
  • Identify areas of development as a leader and within your team.
  • Gain the confidence to lead change from within and maximise potential of diverse individuals and teams.
  • Develop a culture of innovation, effectively lead change, and manage complexity.
  • Exercise proven tools for optimal teamwork including communication, decision-making, and learning.
  • Develop your ability to hold difficult or motivational conversations for lasting change.
  • Establish new relationships and expand your professional network.

The course fee includes two days of on-site lectures and sessions, resources, lunch and refreshments both days, and a networking evening reception.

The course fee excludes: accommodation, non-scheduled meals, transport to/from the Etihad campus.

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  • Date
    25 May 2023–
    26 May 2023
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    2 Days
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    Manchester, UK
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