City Football Leadership Institute launched its ‘Career Booster Initiative’ for current University students, graduates and young professionals in 2024.

The initiative aims to support those looking to step into the sports industry or who are in the early stages of their careers – gaining access to immersive learning experiences that are led by industry experts.

Participants aged between 18 and 25 can register onto any of our  Online or In-Person Masterclasses and benefit from an exclusive 25% discount off their booking.

During the Masterclass early bird window, 18-25 year olds can also save an additional 33% on their registration! A full breakdown of pricing can be found below.

Key Features of the Career Booster Initiative:

  • Eligible applicants can access a unique 25% discount on the registration cost of any of our In-Person or Online Masterclasses. This discount aims to make our programmes more accessible to young individuals seeking to enter or progress in the sports sector.

    During the Masterclass Early Bird window, 18-25 year olds can also save an additional 33% on their registration!


    Pricing Breakdown:

    Career Booster:

    • In-person Masterclasses: £375
    • Online Masterclasses: £300


    Career Booster Early Bird (available until May 31st):

    • In-Person Masterclasses: £249
    • Online Masterclasses: £199


  • Our programmes offer a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, gaining valuable insights and skills crucial for a successful career in sports. The Career Booster Initiative ensures that young professionals have the chance to benefit from these immersive experiences, contributing to their personal and professional growth.

  • We understand that the initial steps into the sports industry can be both thrilling and challenging. Our programmes are specifically crafted to fast-track career development, offering a shortcut to building crucial experience, demystifying industry-specific challenges, and enabling individuals to expand their professional networks.

We invite all eligible individuals to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to propel their careers forward.

Contact our admissions team at to express your interest and to receive information on the next steps.

Please note: Proof of age will be required to redeem the discount.