An educational grounding in the football business ecosystem.

Football is widely recognised as one the most powerful sports in the world, because it transcends cultures, creates communities, and stirs the deepest of human emotions. With an estimated 3.2 billion fans around the world and a financial impact of £7.6B in the UK alone, the Premier League has never been more popular or more economically significant.

This course will delve into an examination of how City Football Groups and others from within and beyond the sport industry, develop their business ecosystems – from clubs to fans, media to agents, and players to associations.

You will hear from analysts of football economics, executives who have defined the Premier League era, and strategists who are constantly tracking what’s coming next in the industry. Workshops will include how new trends and opportunities are developed and how emerging global markets, new club acquisition, and phenomena like esports are all linked. By the end of the course, you will have gained a unique perspective on how the business of football is evolving and a full understanding of strategies that will help you navigate professional success within and beyond the sport industry.

Themes covered

  • A 360-degree understanding of the business ecosystem of football
  • Strategies for local and global growth
  • Lessons from the evolution and growth of the Premier League
  • Fan engagement as a key business principle
  • Engaging with new markets and audiences
  • The influence of technology in football’s future development beyond the pitch


  • Have an informed perspective of the sports industry beyond the bounds of your organisation’s size, sector, and locality.
  • Be well-versed in the understanding of an economically powerful sector and its career and business opportunities.
  • Gain practical knowledge and insight that can be applied in your workplace and career.
  • Enjoy a unique level of access to people of prominence in and around the sports industry.
  • Establish new relationships and expand your professional network.

This course is now closed. Future dates to be announced.

  • Date
    Course closed - Future dates to be announced
  • Duration
    2 Days
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  • Location
    Etihad Stadium Manchester, UK
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