Unlock your footballing potential with Unipro, where World-Class coaching meets higher education.

Unipro is more than just a football academy. We offer student-athletes a unique opportunity to pursue your passion for football by receiving top-class football coaching, while pursuing a higher education at university. Helping you develop as both a student-athlete and an individual.

  • Unipro’s comprehensive programme is designed to not only enhance your footballing abilities but also nurture your personal growth. Unipro’s dedicated coaches and educators are committed to helping you become the best version of yourself, both on and off the pitch. We strive to create well-rounded individuals who are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

  • At Unipro we recognize the importance of education alongside sport. With access to renowned university academic programmes, you’ll receive a quality undergraduate education that will serve as a strong foundation for your future career. We believe that academic excellence goes hand in hand with sporting success. A chance to excel in football and earn an undergraduate degree in the UK.

  • Immerse yourself in an international environment where you will train alongside talented male and female players from all over the world. Our Unipro programme offers a diverse and inclusive community that fosters personal growth, cultural exchange, and teamwork. Join Unipro and be part of something truly special.

  • With a wide range of Undergraduate courses available to choose from the Unipro programme is strategically planned as we understand the importance of striking a balance between academic pursuits and sporting ambitions.


Develop Your Skills, Excel as an Individual

The Unipro programme includes –

  • 2-3 hours on the pitch training four days a week
  • 1-1.5 hours strength & conditioning sessions, 2-3 times a week.
  • Represent Unipro in leagues matches.
  • Represent University in BUCS league (British University & Colleges Sports)
  • Video analysis
  • Physiotherapy
  • Holistic Welfare support

Paul Dickov, Unipro Director of Football

Paul Dickov, renowned internationally as a footballer, manager, and ambassador for Manchester City FC, possesses a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience both as a player and within the industry.

As Director of Football at Unipro, Paul Dickov brings a wealth of experience and profound insights to our International Football Academy. His support serves as a resounding testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering the growth of student-athletes as they strive for excellence in football and higher education.

Become a part of the Unipro International Football Academy and pave your way to success both on and off the pitch.