Dr Nick Wilde

Global Sports Marketing Consultant and former Dean, School of Sports Business and Management

Nick Wilde has over 25 years’ experience in global marketing education and consultancy. He has conducted pioneering research on football fan consumption in Argentina, Spain and England, working closely with the marketing departments at Boca Juniors, Estudiantes and Racing in Argentina. Having lived and worked in Argentina, Mexico, China and Spain, he has a global outlook on sport management and is an expert on the global marketing of sports brands. Nick is a visiting professor at the Real Madrid Graduate School in Madrid, where he teaches students in English and Spanish from over thirty different countries. As Dean at the Global Institute of Sport, he oversaw the development of sports business programmes in Melbourne and Miami as well as postgraduate master’s degrees in sport, football business and football marketing in the UK and online. He is a specialist online educator and a co-author of a leading global textbook in Events Management. He is a keen football and cricket fan, following Sheffield United and Yorkshire. He plays veterans football for Sitges Veterans in Barcelona and is a keen golfer.