Tony Singh

Chief Commercial Officer, ECB

As Chief Commercial Officer of the ECB, Tony leads the teams responsible for growing the audience and revenues of English cricket. Since joining in 2019, Tony has instigated a digital transformation focused on building more, and deeper, direct relationships with cricket fans. In that time, UK fandom has grown from 11m to 14m, ECB’s marketable data has tripled to over 2.5m first party records and revenue is up 60% to an all-time high of £340m p.a..

Tony built and led the commercial team through the start-up phase of The Hundred to deliver its £50m revenue target, with 90%+ occupancy and over 500k tickets sold each year – with record attendances for women’s cricket achieved through gender-parity in the marketing platform. The ECB has now doubled its pre-pandemic sponsorship business, through the addition of The Hundred and the introduction of a more audience-centric and digital-first proposition, with a range of new digital and FMCG brands recruited to cricket. Tony also runs all ECB broadcast relationships and negotiations, including its $1billion+ Sky deal (which was Sky’s first rights increase under Comcast ownership) and uplifts of over 80% in its other key markets, India and Australia.

Prior to joining the ECB, Tony led the distribution and advertising businesses for BT Sport, and the content operation for BT TV, through the period where BT became a major challenger to Sky – ultimately leading to the innovative  content cross-supply deal with Sky that reset the broken relationship and solved ten years of organisational stalemate.

A lifelong cricket fan, Tony brings to the ECB over 20 years’ experience of driving commercial growth in sport and entertainment organisations, including previous senior roles at the BBC and Spectrum Strategy.