• Next Gen is a residential and day student pre-college summer program geared toward teens ages 14-17 that explores the business of sport and provides a glimpse into what a future career in the sector could look like. Through a series of in-class activities, interactive workshops, and visits, students receive behind-the-scenes access to leading sport organizations and learn from a range of industry experts, to develop their leadership skills and explore career opportunities.

  • We offer residential and non-residential (‘day’) options for a full two-week term, running August 4 – 16, 2024.

  • No. Move-In/Out days and times are the start and end of the program term. We will not have housing or staff available outside of the specified term dates and times.

  • The program is designed for 14–17-year-old students. Rising 9th through 12th grade high school students as well as graduating seniors are eligible to apply. Students must be 14 years old by the first day of the program; case-by-case exceptions could be made for applicants who are 13 but may be approaching 14. Students who have graduated from high school who are 18 years of age and are interested in this program may still apply.


    All students are mixed during activities, independently of their age, nationality, or gender (except for dorm arrangements).

  • All prospective students must complete an application through our online submission system. We ask that the prospective student themselves complete the online application and not their parents, counsellors, or agents. The application requirements include:

    • Filling in the application form with your basic details
    • Pay the $50 application fee
    • Upload short personal statement (250 words) outlining your interest in the program and your motivations for joining.


    *NB: While we do not require test scores, all international applicants should have an adequate understanding of both verbal and written English language. A minimum TOEFL score of 95 (level B1 and above) is recommended to make the most of the program.


    Expect to hear back from our Admissions team within 2 weeks of submitting your application.


    Once a student has been admitted, they must complete an Enrollment Form and submit a non-refundable deposit to guarantee their space in the program. Students and parents will be sent an acceptance email which will contain a link to complete the form. At the end of the form, the system will prompt you to submit the deposit via credit card or bank payment.

  • Admissions officers seek talented student leaders with diverse interests, ambitions, and writing styles. The committee strives to select critical thinkers who will contribute to a well-rounded, academically engaged community of students. Each application is reviewed holistically and qualified students who have demonstrated a genuine interest in the program as well as a strong academic background will be considered for admission to the program. Our goal is to accept the most qualified students and to ensure we are accepting the right students into the right program.

    • If you require an early decision you should apply by February 5th.
    • If you want to apply for Financial Aid, you must submit your Financial Aid application (form separate from your regular application) by March 11th.
    • Regular application deadline: April 8th.
    • After April 8: accepting applications on a rolling basis while space is available.
  • Residential Program: Students live in dorm-like facilities in the city centre.


    Tuition, Room and Board: $6,845

    Materials Fee: $275 *

    Health Fee: $100 **

    Total Cost of Attendance: $7,220



    Non-Residential Program: Students commute to class every day and do no receive room and board. Lunch included.


    Tuition and lunch only: $5,560

    Materials Fee: $275 *

    Health Fee: $100 **

    Total Cost of Attendance: $5,935


    *Materials fee covers activities, equipment and other instructional materials.

    **Health fee covers masks and other protective wear as well as over-the-counter medicines and transportation to Urgent Care, as needed. Health care staff will be on hand. The health fee is not health insurance; all students are required to have insurance coverage.


    Please note all prices listed include VAT.

  • We aim to provide affordable educational opportunities to as many qualified applicants as possible. If the tuition cost is a barrier to your attendance in any way, we encourage you to apply. Partial financial assistance is awarded based upon need, as well as other determining factors. Please note that a student’s need for financial aid has no bearing on admission to the program. Aid can be awarded to both domestic and international participants. Members of historically underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.


    To be considered for financial aid, students must submit a completed program application, followed by a financial aid application. The final deadline to be considered for financial aid is March 11, 2024, but we encourage students to apply at the earliest deadline possible.

  • Deposits for Next Gen NYC are non-refundable. To withdraw from the program for any reason prior to the start of the term, the student must notify the Admissions Office (teens@cityfootball-leadership.com) in writing via email and depending on the date of withdrawal, a portion of the tuition and fees previously paid may be refunded (please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more).



    No refunds will be given for early departures from a program, once it is underway, whether voluntary or otherwise.

  • A mixture of academic lectures, active workshops, and visits.

    Activities normally run Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm (with a break for lunch). There are no required evening or weekend academic commitments, although our extra-curricular calendar includes optional social events and activities.

  • Next Gen is organised around the key pillars of sport, business and personal growth. Each day will focus on a theme, from leadership to entrepreneurship, or a deep dive into psychology, branding, marketing or coaching. Our interactive workshops include:

    • E-Sports Session: Participate in an E-sports competition and learn what that multibillion-dollar industry has to offer. Develop your skills and challenge them and your peers to a match in the E-sports arena.
    • Commercial Sponsorship: Explore commercial sponsorship within the sports sector and gain access to experts who deliver these deals.
    • Data Analytics: Build your understanding of data’s role in high-performance sport and how it is used as a critical piece of analysis across individual and team performance.
    • The Future of Fan Engagement: Engage in discussions on the future of fan engagement by exploring the impact of technology and innovation on the fan experience.
    • Performance Psychology: Gain insights into the mind’s impact on performance by learning techniques and strategies to improve focus.
    • Social Media Content: Understand how to produce engaging content for a variety of social media channels. Absorb knowledge from sports marketing experts and test your new skills by creating social media content for a new campaign.
  • The purpose of the co-curricular activities is to provide a unique and holistic New York City experience to complement the academic rigor of the classroom. Co-curricular activities and events also offer the opportunity for students to bond outside of the classroom.


    There are no required evening or weekend academic commitments, although our co-curricular calendar includes a rich set of optional evening and weekend activities to complement the academic program, and we encourage students to participate in them to make this summer program truly an experience of a lifetime. Sport Quizzes, Sport movie nights, table football/table tennis tournaments, local visits to sport venues and sport events (only during the weekend and subject to availability and sporting events summer scheduling), and local tours are some examples of the kind of activities our team puts together for the students during the evenings and weekends.

  • The day and residential programs only differ regarding room and board. Day students are encouraged to remain on campus and attend evening and weekend activities, with access to all the same spaces and programming as residential students.


    While we encourage all day students to partake in all events, we understand that some of the evening events might pose a transportation and or time concern for some, therefore the co-curriculars, while strongly encouraged, will be optional for day students.


    Transportation for day students to and from the program are decided by the student and their families. Day students are required however, to check themselves in each morning at the Welcome Desk on campus at least 15 minutes prior to their class start time, and to check themselves out at the end of the day. We do ask that all day students depart from the residence hall by curfew.

    • Old General Electric Building, 570 Lexington Avenue, in Midtown East.
    • On site, during visits to sporting facilities and other venues throughout the city.
  • FOUND Student Accommodation, in Midtown East, 569 and 525 Lexington Avenue.


    Residential students stay in a dorm-like facility in the heart of New York City and are overseen by program staff. The residence hall is located across the street from their classrooms at the Old General Electric Building, 570 Lexington Avenue in Midtown East. The location equips students with easy access to Central Park, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, and Broadway — the perfect starting point to explore everything NYC has to offer.


    Students will reside in shared dormitories with laundry facilities, lounges, study spaces and cafeteria. Amenities include:

    • Wi-Fi
    • 24/7 Student Living reception
    • Kitchens with open plan lounge / dining areas
    • Spacious communal area with large flat screen TV
    • Laundry facilities
    • CCTV is in operation at all times


    Students are typically roomed according to their age and self-identified gender listed in the Program Form. The Next Gen team may consult with students on an individual basis as needed to find appropriate accommodations. Students will learn their room assignment upon arrival to the program.

  • CFLI provides Residential students with breakfast, lunch and dinner (lunch only for non-residential students), generally in the dining facilities at the residence halls in FOUND or on campus. Some meals will take place off campus during site visits and field trips. Meals are provided and include vegetarian and vegan options.  Students and families must indicate any other necessary dietary accommodations prior to arrival in their program form. Families with specific concerns should contact the Program Team (info@cityfootball-leadership.com) as early as possible to speak with us directly about accommodations options.


    The local area around your residence has shops and cafes.

  • Yes. All students are required to have valid health insurance coverage for the duration of the program. In the past, international students have purchased travel insurance that covered medical emergencies during their stay in the United States.

  • All students, faculty and staff are expected to follow all campus and City Football Leadership Institute’s safety policies and procedures. Failure to comply will result in being restricted from campus. These policies and procedures are subject to change and may be updated from time to time in accordance with the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and any changes in laws, regulations, and public health guidance issued by the CDC, New York State, or New York City.


  • Unfortunately, we do not provide student visas, nor do we provide information on how to obtain visas for travel to the United States. We encourage international students to contact their country of origin’s embassy/government office for that information. Letters of verification for students attending the program can be provided upon request.

  • New York City is one of the safest big cities in the United States. While the residence hall and academic buildings are secured spaces, students should note that our campus is not separated from the city. As always, students should stay alert and travel with caution when leaving campus and understand that their distance from campus limits the ability of our CFLI staff to provide support. We encourage students and parents/guardians to discuss safety and guidelines prior to their arrival at CFLI’s Next Gen program. Parents should feel comfortable allowing their students to move unsupervised throughout New York City during their off time.


    A dedicated phone line is available for parents and families with urgent matters. This line goes to the team on campus. To ensure issues are attended to promptly, this number should only be used for urgent matters. All students will be given the Emergency Phone Number on the day of their arrival. While they will have access to our team at any time, this number allows students to reach us in case of emergencies.


    All classes and official program activities are chaperoned by our instructors and program staff. Security as well as CFLI Staff are present in the residence hall 24/7 for the duration of the program.


    All staff who have regular interaction with students will have comprehensive background checks completed before they can begin working in the program. This includes instructional staff, residential staff and any other staff who will have more than incidental interaction with students. All staff receive Protection of Minors training and clear policies are outlined and enforced to ensure that student safety is prioritized.

  • We will have Online Q&A drop-in sessions with the program team in the running up to the start of the program in the weeks prior to the start of the program (dates TBC). We will also run an online pre-Departure Orientation session (date also TBC) shortly before the start of the program. Registered students will receive a Zoom link from the Program Team in advance of these sessions. These sessions will be recorded and made available to all registered students following the session.

  • Students may complete a special leave request to check out from campus alone to meet with family and friends. Students must be back on campus by curfew and should only submit requests that fall within their designated free time.

  • Parents are not permitted into the residence hall after initial move-in.

    Students are free to visit with their parents and other family members off campus during their free time.

  • What To Bring:

    • Clothing: The weather in NYC is unpredictable and variable, even in summer – so the best packing plan is to pack layers! Light and cool casual summer clothing, jacket, sweatshirt or hoodie, raincoat, sandals, sporty clothing, comfortable walking shoes, pyjamas, a set of nicer, professional clothes.

    NB: Students should also bring clothing that is smart casual and appropriate for class site visits to offices and workspaces (comfortable, but presentable). Formal and/or semi-formal wear is not necessary (dress clothes, dresses/gowns, suits and ties, dress shoes, sports jackets, etc.). No specific football kit is necessary, but students can bring it if they want for some ad-hoc sport sessions during free time.

    • Weather gear: sunscreen, sunglasses, raincoat, umbrella, reusable water bottle
    • Academic supplies: laptop, tablet, notebook or journal; we suggest students bring a laptop/tablet if they have access to it, but our Next Gen program staff will have some laptops available for students if necessary.
    • Personal electronics: smart phone, camera, alarm clock, headphones, travel adapters, chargers, etc. – there is a lockable cupboard in each accommodation room to secure valuable items.
    • Personal items: travel-size toiletries, hair dryer, etc.
    • Prescription medication for the duration of your program (if applicable); please note some medications commonly prescribed in other countries may not be readily available in the USA.
    • Laundry bag
    • Photo ID/Passport and copy of health insurance details.
    • Spending money (for souvenirs and incidentals).
    • Fitted Twin XL-sizes sheets, blanket, towel, pillow etc.


    What NOT To Bring:

    • Students may not bring flammable materials, including but not limited to candles, incense, matches, lighters, explosive devices or fireworks. Violators of this policy will be subject to immediate dismissal.
    • Students are not allowed to bring or possess weapons of any kind, including but not limited to knives, firearms, paintball guns, laser pointers, pepper spray or other dangerous items. Violators of this policy will be subject to immediate dismissal.
    • Students are not allowed to use or possess tobacco or nicotine products, alcoholic beverages, drugs or unauthorized medications. Violators of this policy will be subject to immediate dismissal.
    • Students are not allowed to have or operate a car, skateboard, skates or a bicycle on campus.
    • Students may not bring pets.
    • Students many not bring drones or any other motorized objects.
    • We recommend that students not bring any valuables; Next Gen takes no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen items.
  • Yes, there are laundry facilities within the residence halls for a fee. Students will need to download the service app on their phones to select washers, dryers and pay per use. Students must provide their own detergent.

  • While there is no formal assessment during the program, students are asked to complete 1-2 assignments per program, and they receive feedback from the guest lecturers and the program team in charge of reviewing those submissions to aid their learning.


    Students receive a certificate of completion during the closing ceremony on the last day of the program.

  • Students are given access to Canvas, our online learning platform weeks in advance of the program. There, students will have access to resources related to the program, and more importantly, they will be able to talk to each. The program team sets up and monitor some discussions boards there for students to introduce themselves or even make arrangements to meet at the airport and make their way together to the meeting point on campus on arrival day.


    Students maintain access to Canvas and all its resources for a month after the end of the program.

  • The NY Campus is only open during Summer when the schools are running, so visits are not allowed.

  • We do not currently offer transfer services from any of the NYC airports to campus on arrival day or vice versa on departure day.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot offer additional nights at our residence beyond the end of the programme. If the student requires to stay in NYC an additional night, we recommend you make your own arrangements locally. There are many hotels in the city and near the airport that allow for unaccompanied minors to check in.


To find out more about Next Gen New York, click here.