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Leadership is a key pillar in achieving organisational success.

Participants will develop strategies and skills to build workplace confidence, competence and connectedness throughout this course.  The masterclass will equip leaders with the knowledge to manage and lead effectively in the workplace by utilising best practice approaches to develop and maintain a high-performance environment.

This course will focus on three pillars: leading high-performing teams, understanding and leading with emotional intelligence, and managing others effectively by exploring self-determination in the workplace.  Through theoretical frameworks, practical exercises, and case studies, participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of effective leadership strategies.


Masterclass Delivery

This Masterclasses will be delivered via a one-day in-person experience in central London.

Please note this is an in-person course only. Our Online Masterclass options are listed here.

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Masterclass Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify what makes a high-performing team.
  • Understand how leaders impact teams and how adjustments to leadership behaviours can enhance overall impact and influence.
  • Understand the role of “emotional intelligence” in successful inclusive leadership.
  • Identify ways of creating a supportive work environment that enables self-determined staff to flourish.
  • Enjoy a unique level of access to people of prominence in and around the sports industry.
  • Establish new relationships and expand your professional network.
  • Gain practical knowledge and insight that can be applied in your workplace and career.
  • A certificate from City Football Leadership Institute upon successful completion of the masterclass.

Who Should Attend

Masterclasses are open to any individuals looking to develop fresh perspective and understanding of acquiring and managing talent in the football ecosystem.

Whether you are just starting your career journey or are well established within your sector, this immersive masterclass will offer you a learning experience that will be beneficial to both your professional and personal development.

We welcome any individuals who are:

  • 18 years of age and older.
  • Current working professionals in the industry.
  • Currently studying for or graduated with a related qualification.
  • Aspiring for a career within the sector.
  • Interested in talent acquisition in football.

Masterclass Structure

  • Masterclasses will be delivered via a one-day in-person experience in central London.

    The central London location is 30 Bedford Square, WC1B 3EE.

    • 9am: Arrival/Registration
    • 9:30am: Welcome and Introduction
    • 9:45am: Leadership and leading high performing teams
    • 11am: Coffee & Tea Break
    • 11:15am: Leadership and leading high-performing teams (continued)
    • 12pm: Lunch
    • 12:45pm: Understanding and leading with emotional intelligence
    • 2:30pm: Coffee & Tea Break
    • 2:50pm: Self-determination and managing others
    • 4:45pm: Day summary and reflection
    • 5pm: Day concludes
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  • Learning Outcomes:

    • Recognise the difference between leadership and management.
    • Understand the roles and responsibilities of leaders.
      • Visionary, direction, communicator, decision maker, influencer, fostering cohesive and collaborative environments, creating a culture of trust.
    • Gain awareness of the different styles of leadership
      • Transformational, Situational, Authentic, Empathic, Inclusive.
    • Identify positive and negative leadership qualities from your experience and how this influences your future leadership style.
    • Recognise what makes a high-performance team.
  • Learning Outcomes:

    • Understand the concept of emotional intelligence and its importance in leadership.
      • Understand why low emotional intelligence can cause issues as a leader.
    • Recognise the benefits of having high emotional intelligence in other settings outside of work.
    • Explore the components of emotional intelligence and its impact on effective leadership.
    • Explore the impact emotions have on decision-making.
  • Learning Outcomes:

    • Understand the critical components of self-determination theory.
      • Competence – skill development, feedback & personal growth
      • Autonomy – independence to make decisions.
      • Relatedness – a sense of belonging, collaboration and connections.
    • Understand how these factors influence individuals and teams.
    • Recognise strategies for fostering, promoting and supporting competence, autonomy and relatedness in the workplace.
    • Identify ways of creating a supportive work environment that enables self-determined staff to flourish.

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