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The key focus of this online masterclass is how organisations engage with the consumer through targeted, well-developed strategies and established lines of communication.

Participants will explore stakeholder management and how to connect with fans in a competitive sporting environment.

The masterclass will be supported by leading industry experts currently working in the broader area of sports marketing with expertise in social media management and fan engagement.  They will share examples of successful campaigns and the key metrics that are important to implementing their strategies.  At the end of this masterclass, participants will have gained insight into how to develop and implement a brand strategy that will effectively outline approaches for growing a global brand.


Masterclass Delivery

This Masterclasses will be delivered online across four 90-minute sessions. Each session will be recorded and available on-demand for Students.

Please note this is an online course only. Our In-Person Masterclasses options are listed here.

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Masterclass Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the evolving role of stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, and communities, in shaping a brand’s reputation.
  • Develop strategies to build brand awareness in different markets.
  • Understand the importance of localisation while maintaining a global brand image.
  • Enjoy a unique level of access to people of prominence in and around the sports industry.
  • Establish new relationships and expand your professional network.
  • Gain practical knowledge and insight that can be applied in your workplace and career.
  • A certificate from City Football Leadership Institute upon successful completion of the masterclass.

Who Should Attend

Masterclasses are open to any individuals looking to develop fresh perspective and understanding of acquiring and managing talent in the football ecosystem.

Whether you are just starting your career journey or are well established within your sector, this immersive masterclass will offer you a learning experience that will be beneficial to both your professional and personal development.

We welcome any individuals who are:

  • 18 years of age and older.
  • Current working professionals in the industry.
  • Currently studying for or graduated with a related qualification.
  • Aspiring for a career within the sector.
  • Interested in talent acquisition in football.

Masterclass Structure

  • This Masterclasses will be delivered online across four 90-minute sessions.

    • Tuesday 9th July 2024 (5:30-7pm BST) – Developing a global marketing plan and global branding strategies
    • Thursday 11th July 2024 (5:30-7pm BST) – Developing a fan engagement strategy and working with global partners to grow the brand
    • Tuesday 16th July 2024 (5:30-7pm BST) – Creating content for social media campaigns targeted at global audiences
    • Thursday 18th July 2024 (5:30-7:30pm BST) – Evaluating the success using key metrics
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  • Learning Outcomes:

    • Demonstrate the ability to develop effective strategies to reach consumers in the selected market(s).
    • Understand the relationship between objectives, strategies, and successful global branding strategies.
    • Gain insights into the resources required to achieve specified objectives, informed by market insights.
    • Enhance understanding of global branding strategies through practical applications.
    • Formulate informed decisions about resource allocation based on a deeper understanding of successful global branding strategies.
  • Learning Outcomes:

    • Analyse and understand current fan engagement strategies employed by a leading sports brand.
    • Extract valuable insights from real-world examples to inform and enhance fan engagement planning.
    • Gain a clearer understanding of the interplay between human and technical resources in the context of fan engagement.
    • Formulate strategies aligning with industry best practices and organisational objectives for successful fan engagement.
  • Learning Outcomes:

    • Understand the significance of social media planning in a global marketing plan for a sporting organisation.
    • Integrate social media activities effectively into the broader global marketing strategy.
    • Gain insights into the nuances of different social media platforms in overseas markets and recognise the variations from their domestic market.
    • Develop strategies for adapting social media content and campaigns to align with the cultural and market-specific preferences of overseas audiences.
    • Appreciate the role of storytelling in social media and its importance in engaging and connecting with audiences.
    • Acquire practical skills in measuring the impact and effectiveness of social media campaigns.
    • Utilise metrics and analytics tools to assess the success of social media efforts.
  • Learning Outcomes:

    • Identify and apply best practices by examining examples of successful global marketing strategies from various sports clubs.
    • Understand the dynamic nature of global markets and demonstrate flexibility in adapting marketing plans to changing conditions and market requirements.
    • Develop the skills to assess and determine when to use existing content in communication efforts and when to create entirely new content for global campaigns.
    • Apply a strategic approach to resource allocation, ensuring optimal utilisation in the global marketing plan.

Assessing Global Markets (In-Person)

Understanding different markets is a critical component in growing a global brand. Delivered via a one-day in-person experience in London, you'll learn from Global Sports Marketing Consultant, Dr Nick Wilde.


In-Person Masterclasses

Our one-day Masterclasses are designed to fast track your career development. Delivered via a one-day in-person experience in central London, you will experience four insightful sessions taught by industry leaders. This is your opportunity to expand your network with like-minded individuals.


Online Masterclasses

Our Online Masterclasses allow flexible learning, wherever you are. Gain practical knowledge and insight that can be applied in your workplace and career. Delivered across four 90-minute sessions, you'll be taught by industry leaders - enjoying a unique level of access to people of prominence in and around the sports industry.


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